2004: Our company was established in 2004. Charter members: Levente Lászlófi,  Leventéné Lászlófi, and Trawöger Transport & Logistik GmbH. We started the work with two vehicles.

2005: We were grown with 16 other vehicles.

2006: We expanded the number of vehicles with another 8 trucks

2007: Number of trucks: 35. Our principle is to satisfy our partners needs with maximum efficiency.

2009: We bought 15 brand new trucks. The number of our vehicles: 50. Our trucks are continuously renewed, therefore they are eligible to the latest technological requirements. We are specialized mainly for UK shipments,  and we can clearly state, that we have excellent position in this segment of the international shipping industry.

2010: We have 89 vehicles. Thanks to our international shipping experiences and comprehensive international relations, and due to our qualitative and reliable service, we are present in almost all European Union member countries: Hungary, Czech Republik, Germany, Austria, Benelux States, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Sweden and Switzerland.

2011: Number of vehicles: 100

2013: Our vehicle fleet have increased with 50 more MAN camions, so we own 150 trucks.

Vechicle park

Our 160 trucks (DAF, MAN and Volvo types) matches the strictest European environmental regulations, they have continuous maintenance, control and expansion.

The maintenance is very strict and we do not make compromises, therefore, the problems due to technical issues are very rare.

Thanks to the earth satellites systems built in all of our vehicles, we can follow and control the movement of the trucks accurately through our computer screens. This innovative system gives us wide range of information, such as current position, tracks, traffic jams, loading status…etc.

If you are interested in our service, we would be happy to meet you personally to discuss our future co-operation possibilities: CONTACT US